Industrial General Stormwater Permit / AKART

grattix1Stormwater Environmental Program Manager, Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA.  2006 to Present

I was the Port of Seattle representative in a project with the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) in an effort to limit Corrective Actions under the Industrial Permit to a reasonable level using an AKART Study (All Known, Available and Reasonable methods of prevention, control and Treatment). I participated in the 2010 Advisory Group to Ecology during ISGP (Industrial Stormwater General Permit) development.

The Industrial General Stormwater Permit covers the majority of Port Property.  Because port facilities are large, flat and along the water; implementation of this permit is expensive and complex.  The Port, as part of the WPPA AKART study and in support of its tenants, is working to create a clear path to compliance, reasonable costs for compliance and better business certainty associated with this permit.

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