South Terminal Expansion Project – Sea Tac Airport

Environmental Specialist, Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA.                              2000 to 2004

Developed the construction support program for the multibillion-dollar Capital Improvement Program at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (STIA).  This program wasSTEP designed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by minimizing construction slow downs while ensuring proper soil disposal and environmental compliance.  Major accomplishments include:

  • Wrote and developed  construction specifications jointly with Construction Mangers to ensure construction and environmental needs are addressed while minimizing costs.   The new specifications saved more than $300,000 on the first major project in 2003 with similar savings realized on the six remaining 2003 contracts.
  • Assessed environmental requirements and disposal issues to determine suitable solutions on a project-by-project basis.  As an example, the South Terminal Expansion Project moved 2,000 cubic yards of soil per night.  I successfully identified a soil disposal facility that not only accepted this significant volume of soil at night, but also provided analysis of soil at the facility to ensure the best price for disposal.
  • Coordinated a 24-hour, 7-day a week field team that effectively supports multiple overlapping construction projects.  To date, the team has supported over 50 projects at STIA.
  • Designed a mapping and reporting workflow that moved data from the field to the Port’s internal data management system. This system produces reports and weekly maps that provide information on construction progress and contamination found.