Marilyn Guthrie


Broad background in environmental project management gained over 20 plus years in the environmental field.  Excellent experience includes directing the work of employees and consultant teams while managing stormwater, source control, remediation projects and supporting construction projects. Excels at implementing solutions that minimize environmental, financial, and regulatory risks. Successful at achieving compliance with environmental regulations and guidance as well as negotiating with governmental/outside agencies regarding cost-effective solutions. Proven track record of collaboration and representing my organization to regulators, internal customers and partner agencies.

By continuously creating and updating team work plans, I achieve compliance with NPDES as well as other regulations. I also provide leadership across departments by tracking plan progress, managing contracts and monitoring budgets and expenditures. I set appropriate and meaningful program metrics to help lead the team in process improvement to find efficiencies and improve effectiveness. I have considerable experience in acquiring and implementing grants.  I participate in the West Sound Stormwater Outreach Group in an effort to bolster education and outreach strategies about behaviors that help reduce pollution at the source.


NPDES Coordinator, City of Bainbridge Island                                            4/18/2016 to Present

The NPDES Permit Coordinator is responsible for management, developing and implementing the City’s Phase II Municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit as well as other programs and projects assigned to the NPDES Coordinator.

  • Review and assess City stormwater programs for effectiveness; identifying and leverage strengths and efficiencies across departments including the implementation of Low Impact Design Codes (LID).
  • As part of the Water Resources team, I manage staff and resources to implement an effective stormwater program with a focus on effectively responding to illicit discharges, inspecting stormwater facilities and working with businesses / home owner to reduce sources of stormwater pollutants.
  • Track and review changes in local, state and federal regulations affecting the permit, water quality and stormwater management. Assist in reporting impacts to management and drafts responses with recommended changes to regulatory agencies such as the 2018 Municipal NPDES Stormwater Permit Ad Hoc Group Municipal NPDES Stormwater Permit Ad Hoc Group.
  • Develop and administer any stormwater management or water quality policies, procedures and ordinances, including stormwater pollution prevention plans, IDDE standard operating procedures and guidance to implement stormwater programs and reduce risks of litigation.
  • Provide technical assistance for the Storm and Surface Water Management (SSWM) utility including maintaining the records of property measurements and assisting the Finance Department with billing questions, appeals, and audits.

Stormwater / Senior Environmental Program Manager, Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA                  2004 to 4/1/2016

 Provided technical expertise and implementation strategies for Port’s Ecology National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, site redevelopment and for contaminated site remediation. Major accomplishments include:

  • Implemented the Port’s Phase I Municipal Stormwater Program. This program involves working with Ecology’s Phase I Municipal, Industrial, Construction, Boatyard General NPDES permits.  The program and Phase I permit involves all of the Port’s various water front properties and includes the implementation of a Port-wide Stormwater Program.  Program requirements includes education, illicit discharge detection, mapping, source control for existing properties and monitoring programs.
  • Developed environmental policies and programs and managing environmental staff.
  • Ensured the Water Quality team assists other Port/Alliance departments with environmental studies, pollution prevention, source control and stormwater best practices.
  • Managed and mentored staff; arranging appropriate staff training and development, monitoring and managing staff productivity.
  • Represented the Port on the Lower Duwamish Source Control Work Group.
  • Worked with Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) in an effort to limit Corrective Actions under the Industrial Permit to a reasonable level using an AKART Study (All Known, Available and Reasonable methods of prevention, control and Treatment). Have also participated in the Advisory Group to Ecology during ISGP (Industrial Stormwater General Permit) development.
  • Provided support to redevelopment projects that need to achieve compliance with City Stormwater Code requirements.
  • Worked to building all the components of a Stormwater Utility for the Port of Seattle. This includes defining stormwater infrastructure needs, rate setting and overall utility function.  2016 Stormwater Utility goals include stormwater system assessment for high priority facilities.
  • Worked to set up departmental SharePoint site and used extensively for Stormwater Management Program documentation and for auditing purposes.
  • Worked to complete Contaminated Site Clean Up for various MTCA (Model Toxics Cleanup) sites. Assessed clean up requirements and disposal issues to determine suitable solutions on a project-by-project basis.
  • Developed Category C Roosters Contracts to facilitate efficient Environmental support to remediation and construction projects.Illicit Discharge 1

 Environmental Specialist, Port of Seattle                 2000 to 2004

Developed the construction support program for the multibillion-dollar Capital Improvement Program at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (STIA).  This program was designed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by minimizing construction slow downs while ensuring proper soil disposal and environmental compliance.  Major accomplishments include:

  • Write and develop construction specifications jointly with Construction Mangers to ensure construction and environmental needs are addressed while minimizing costs. The new specifications saved more than $300,000 on the first major project in 2003 with similar savings realized on the six remaining 2003 contracts.
  • Assess environmental requirements and disposal issues to determine suitable solutions on a project-by-project basis. As an example, the South Terminal Expansion Project moved 2,000 cubic yards of soil per night.  Successfully identified a soil disposal facility that not only accepted this significant volume of soil at night, but also provided analysis of soil at the facility to ensure the best price for disposal.
  • Coordinate a 24-hour 7-day a week field team that effectively supports multiple overlapping construction projects. To date, the team has supported over 50 projects at STIA.
  • Designed a mapping and reporting workflow that moved data from the field to the Port’s internal data management system. This system produces reports and weekly maps that provide information on construction progress and contamination found.

Regional Supervisor, Environmental /Engineering, Tesoro , Seattle, WA   1997 – 2000

Held a corporate position that crossed multiple Tesoro Companies.  Managed Tesoro’s third party liabilities and soil and groundwater clean-ups.  Successfully achieved compliance for Tesoro’s West Coast terminals. Major accomplishments included:

  • Coordinated Tesoro’s internal resources to maintain compliance with environmental laws, legal agreements, and local regulations at its West Coast terminals. Compliance issues included stormwater, hazardous waste, air, and legal requirements.  Developed a compliance-tracking database that identified compliance issues buried in various documents.  A calendar-based system enabled full compliance despite a complicated array of documents and regulations.
  • Completed plans that took each remediation site to closure. These plans achieved cost effective, environmental compliant solutions.  Soil and groundwater cleanup at Tesoro’s prior owned properties represented a liability to the company with potential lawsuits and bad publicity. By identifying closure scenarios for each site, the most cost effective and environmentally compliant solution was designed.  This methodology enabled agencies to acknowledge progress toward negotiated goals and to satisfy their reporting needs for clean ups that spanned many years.

Lead Project Engineer, ARCO Products Co., Los Angeles, CA                                 1995 – 1997

Senior Engineer, ARCO Products Co., Los Angeles, CA                                            1989 – 1995

Promoted to progressive levels of responsibility with ARCO, an international Fortune 500 oil company.  Company employs over 20,000 with 4 major refineries and 6,000 retail Gas Stationoutlets.  Managed ARCO’s large environmental site exposures.  Two-thirds were large operating terminals and the remainder were gas station sites operated by ARCO.  Managed multiple aspects of site remediation including consultation on site acquisition.  Interacted regularly with attorneys, sales, engineering, contractors, real estate, distribution, and all levels of management.  Major accomplishments included:

  • Project Manager for major remediation projects involving multiple Responsible Parties with co-mingled plumes such as operating terminals and former refinery sites.
  • Negotiated win-win solution between real estate, legal, and environmental stakeholders. Revamped ARCO’s site acquisition process resulting in substantially reducing the time required to complete environmental site assessments.
  • Through careful assessment of the ARCO site located at Harbor Island’s Seattle Terminal, successfully negotiated alternative remediation methods thereby saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean-up costs. Methods have since been adopted system-wide by ARCO.
  • Streamlined site acquisition and consultant management procedures of properties being evaluated for purchase. Result was increased site management capacity and a 6% reduction in project management costs.
  • Managed over 20 large-scale remediation projects and associated consulting firms. Supervised the installation of remediation systems, maintenance, and operations for all sites.  Received closure for a 22-acre Rhode Island terminal.
  • Carried authority for all technical decisions regarding sites.


Professional Geologist – #1060

Stormwater BMPs for Construction

Bachelor of Science, Geology, Baylor University, Waco, TX

Completion of Geology Hydrogeology Program, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Computer Science Courses, Seattle Pacific University – 20 credits

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